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My wife Cathy and I bought a home in an Audubon community in Florida last year and are now spending the winters there. Through my worldwide travels, I occasionally made some bird images but they were never my primary focus. But now I’ve learned that an Audubon community is a target rich bird environment and I’ve spent a lot of my early mornings and late evenings prowling around the many ponds and watersheds learning a new photographic skill……photographing birds.

During this past winter, I’ve taken quite a few very nice images which I hope you will enjoy.

Egrets proliferate in Florida and their beautiful white feathers and lithe body structure give them a beautiful flight profile.

In Flight
Just caught a snack!

During mating season, males grow these spectacular feathers to attract a female into the mating process.


Great Blue Herons are endemic to much of North and South America and are among the largest of the Florida birds.

Great Blue in lovely evening light
Lovely Great Blue with reflection

Ospreys are the are all over the place and we are lucky to have a number of nests on the property.

Here’s looking at you!

An Osprey pair with one of them sitting on eggs while the other does a flyover!

An Osprey Flyover

Little blue herons are everywhere and establish dozens of nests on the property. I was fortunate to catch an image of this one having dinner


Snowy Egrets get their name from the long flowing white feathers adorning their heads. They look particularly beautiful when the wind is blowing and the feathers are floating behind their heads.

Taking Off

Roseate Spoonbills are the most colorful large birds in Florida and we are fortunate to have them on the property. For this image, I’ve use a “high key” developing process to show off their spectacular color.

Coming in for a Landing

Here’s one gathering nest material and flying back to build its nest

Nesting Material I

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